About CACSE:  

The mandate of the center is to position CharterQuest as South Africa/Africa's global leader and a preeminent institution for solving real world finance and strategy problems through case study excellence.  Our strategy will deliver value by:

  • investing in case study research and methodology development 
  • developing a strategic capability for case study tuition and exam preparation courses
  • providing coaches to mentor South African teams seeking to compete at global case study competitions
  • design/operating South Africa's 1st international annual case study competition: 'The CFO'

"Sculpting Africa's future CFOs and business leaders through rigorous case study practice vital to differentiate them early in a highly competitive job market."

The CFO is an annual, multi-round business challenge, organised by a committee of students from the CharterQuest Financial Training Institute that allows aspiring CFOs and Business Leaders who are yet at undergraduate level in African universities and colleges to hone and compete in the application of a set of technical, business, people and leadership skills based on CIMA's CGMA Competency framework in solving a range of strategic problems that beset a case company: 

It entails an in-depth analysis of the audited annual report of a case company together with a 10-page scenario for each team to creatively analyse/solve in a report to the Board. In the first stage, all reports are submitted to an assessment panel which will identify the top 6 reports. The teams that produce these 6 reports will be invited in stage two to present to a panel of respected judges and practicing CFO's who will carefully evaluate the presentations and determine the top 3 teams.

Management & The Board of Directors

The CFO will be entirely student-run and its esteemed Board of Directors which is still being constituted will play a critical role in ensuring the continuity of the competition and ensuring it becomes and remains one of the best case study competitions in the world year after year. The competition in the interim will be governed in terms of directives of the Founding CEO of CharterQuest.

The Award

​1st ​2nd ​3rd
​Cash prize ​R90,000 ​R40,000 ​R20,000
​Designation/Trophy/Medal Future CFO & Business Leaders 2016​
​CQ mentorship for global competition ​YES YES​ NO​
​CQ-secured company internship ​YES YES​ NO​
4 years valid scholarship to study with CQ ​YES YES​ YES​
​Kaplan Publishing Award ​YES YES​ YES​

2016 Dates to Watch

​Register your teams on CFO Portal January 1, 2016​ April 30, 2016​
​Release of Case Study + Scenario April 19th, 2016​ August 19th, 2016​
​Team work on case study and report submission April 19th, 2016​ August 20th, 2016​
​Report evaluation/top 6 winners confirmed (Round 1) August 20th, 2016​ September 20th, 2016​
​Presentation finals/announcement of award winners (Round 2) October 20th, 2016​ October 20th, 2016​