2019 Student Agreement

5. Cancellations, Change of Bookings, Postponements Including PC Exams

You are at liberty with written consent (after booking/enrolling and even after paying), to change to a confirmed course within the same semester without any extra charges. You will be required to return any learning materials already issued to you -in original condition -in exchange for a new set. You can also with written consent, postpone your course/studies from one semester to the next with no extra costs, if the amount is fully paid before end of the current semester; otherwise any subsequent course fee increases will apply to you. You can postpone a course for up to two semesters ONLY; unless the course does not run during the next two semesters -where further postponement can be allowed. Case study courses and Board Course can only be postponed up to a maximum of 2 quarters/exam sessions unless the course does not run during the next two quarters/sessions where a further postponement can be allowed. A course can only be changed/postponed at least 2 weeks before its start date; otherwise any changes out of this period will result in you incurring upfront costs incurred to provide service and/or admin charges of 50%. Cancelling your booking/enrolment (If done at least 30 days before the start date) will attract a minimum of 30% admin/service charge due to irreversible service costs incurred/committed upfront to provide the services. (Please note: this admin/service charge is over and above the charge for any study materials already received as these are not returnable). Should you cancel the course within the last 30 days before the course starts (irrespective of the date of initial booking/subsequent payment/s) you will forfeit 100% of any upfront fees paid. 

All classes advertised will run subject to availability; should we not run a course at your preferred campus due to unforeseen circumstances - you will be refunded or transferred to another campus where the course is running.

PC Exams can be rescheduled up to 7 working days before the exam either by rescheduling on our portal or via myCIMA. PC Exams cancellation for any reason will result in a candidate forfeiture of the total exam fees.

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