The CQ Case Study Methodology ('Case Method')

The Case Study Method requires a different kind of teaching capability

Rather than serving as an exam-focused subject-specific tutor actively teaching students the content and exam techniques to pass an exam 1st time, our case tutor becomes the choreographer of a dynamic and multi-faceted, action-packed, analysis-congested, intellectually-stimulating and decision-oriented conversation. The student has to come ready to play, meaning you have done your own thorough reading and background analysis of the case material, identifying the mission/vision, values, objectives, strengths, weaknesses as well as the threats confronting the enterprise and connecting as far as possible every key paragraph to the key themes and syllabus knowledge areas and technical models as well as principles that will be vital to unpacking the case.  

Before coming to class, our tutor also has to do the pre-teaching ritual of analysing the case, preparing the content and the process but also anticipating all types of twists and turns from a vigorous class debate that will see some of our students think like accountants, business historians, entrepreneurs, engineers, technologists, venture capitalists, academics, sociologists, journalists, pr and marketing practitioners, politicians, etc.  Our mehodology recognises the true meaning of facilitation of group effort as our case tutor's role is to is to probe, encourage, cajole and sometimes deliberately step aside to let the students assume the lead roles—and openly challenge each other with contending analysis and conclusions. As required of a true case study expert, we refrain from providing answers but illuminate a pathway to greater experience and answer-shaping understanding whilst maintaining a very strict focus on applying the technical skills embedded within the specific syllabus as well as what has been taught in class to ensure it remains exam-focused, analytically rigorous, solution-oriented and case competition quality.

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