We deploy our deep market and product savvy, to design and operate an online database embedded with superior proprietary search technology, to remove the traditional problem of how to instantly and economically attract/recruit the best range of candidates for any given role, and select candidates efficiently and effectively to maximise the chance of job fit and ultimate placement.

Members (candidates, recruiters and potential employers) can freely register, receive a login and operate their accounts by clicking on the respective links on the portal. This will allow them to browse and apply for posted jobs, sign up for job alerts, invite others, shortlist candidates and so on. The portal also has a built-in capability that allows members to instantly search for jobs, or candidates, using more precise and superior search criteria which are unparalleled by competing platforms, for example, by tag words, short resume, experience, job title, place of residence, qualifications, membership category, salary expectations, affirmative action, nationality and current studies (the list is not exhaustive).

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