Integrated Case Study Course Methodology

Our CIMA Case Study Courses run over 4 – 5 Weekends. We deploy bespoke materials for your specific case study, written by the same authors as the Official CIMA text books.

You’ll know the Case industry inside out, constructing a full SWOT Analysis of the Company which will guide our analysis of the triggers and tasks you are likely to be asked to respond to on the day of the exam. Your expert tutor will recap all the key technical areas in class, using scenario based questions that look just like the real exam, ensuring that you have the understanding and skills needed to succeed. 

In class, you will attempt a series of timed tasks from the Kaplan case-specific workbook that simulate the real exam, sit two mock exams on a computer during the course with a detailed debrief before undertaking a final mock which will be evaluated by your expert tutor with detailed feedback covering the key areas; Technical, Business, People & Leadership.

Click here to download the ICS Detailed Course Timetable & Course Fees.

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