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CIMA Practical Experience

In addi­tion to pass­ing your exams, you will also need to gain rel­e­vant prac­ti­cal expe­ri­ence in order to use the let­ters CGMA after your name and call your­self a Char­tered Man­age­ment Accountant.

Your Career Pro­file must include:

  • an assess­ment of prac­ti­cal experience/​membership appli­ca­tion form, signed by a pro­poser and seconder.
  • an employ­ment summary.
  • a detailed record of your expe­ri­ence (CV).
  • a record of skills development.

At the very lat­est, you must make an appli­ca­tion within four years of com­plet­ing your final CIMA exam: Strate­gic Level Case Study. If you do not sub­mit your Career Pro­file within four years, you will be removed from the register.

We rec­om­mend once you have sucess­fully com­pleted the Man­age­r­ial level exams and have a min­i­mum of three years’ rel­e­vant prac­ti­cal expe­ri­ence, you should sub­mit your Career Pro­file for assessment.

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