The CFO 2016 Prestigious Award Presenter

Professor Elias Links
University of Stellenbosch Business School

Elias Links is an economist and Professor extraordinaire. He holds a PHD from the State University of New York, a Master’s and a Bachelor’s degree . He lectures Economics including International Business and Doing Business in Africa, at the University of Stellenbosch Business School. He has been a distinguished senior diplomat, having been appointed by President Nelson Mandela to serve as South Africa’s Ambassador to the European Union (EU) in Brussels. He has also served as Ambassador to Belgium and Luxembourg as well as Principle Resident Representative to the IMF and the World Bank, Washington DC. He served or is currently serving as Director of companies such as Kansai Plascon Africa, Allianz SA, Business Partners & Telesure Holdings.

Professor Links’ illustrious career includes other national and international achievements such as his election as President of the AHI, one of South Africa’s four prominent national Chambers of Commerce; appointed the Chief Negotiator South Africa in the completion of the negotiations on a Trade, Development and Co-operation Agreement (TDCA); appointed Chief Director: Department of Finance responsible for International Development Finance in Pretoria where he had responsibility for managing all government relations with the IMF, World bank and the African Development Bank. He has also served as Principle Representative of the Department of Finance in Europe, based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Why did we select Professor Links as The CFO Case Study Competition Award Presenter?

The CFO Case Study Competition is broader than an international competition. It is indeed a global one! It is Pan-African in its founding and orientation and Proudly South African-led with a strong global commitment to the integrated case method of teaching in developing real world problem solving acumen. It is a platform for Africa’s next generation of global business leaders to exchange, network and above all compete on an equal footing with the very finest of their counter parts around the world. To fit these ideals, the Project Board needed a well respected pro-education Pan-African South African with a strong commitment to ethics and merit, a highly accomplished business leader and an academic of the highest order with superb political and diplomatic credentials. Professor Links is uniquely qualified to strongly represent and project these ideals around the world; as such, the Project Board was only too humbled by his agreement to serve as the Award Presenter!

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