The CFO 2018  Brand Ambassador Award

Anyone, anywhere can enter and contest the right to be recognised as 'The CFO 2018 Brand Ambassador Award' winner

5 Key Benefits!

  1. Receive ZAR10,000 Cash Prize;
  2. Secure your profile/feature  in The Future CFO Magazine; 
  3. Associate with The CFO brand; 
  4. Build your CV and differentiate yourself in the job market; and
  5. Establish your credentials as a strong advocate for the integrated case method of education.

Key Dates:




​1 Nov, 2017

​31 Mar, 2018


1 Nov, 2017

​5 May, 2018

​Announcement of winners

​31 Jul, 2018

​31 Jul, 2018


To enter, you should be any one from anywhere in the world who is:

  • A student, high school teacher, university lecturer or education adminstrator (e.g. Academic Manager, Principal, Dean, Vice Chancellor); OR
  • An entry level professional in the accounting or finance space; AND/OR
  • Passionate education and able to motivate teams to enter the competition and actually work on and submit a complete report. 

NOTE: Individuals who have already applied as volunteers, partners, and aspirants of the main CFO case study competition (including the Junior version) are also ALLOWED to enter but students of The CharterQuest Institute are NOT eligible.

Winning Criteria

The participant with the  highest number of reports received with their names marked on the cover page as the Team's Brand Ambassador, subject to a minimum of 15 reports.

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