The Entrepreneurial Leadership Mindset Pillar

The Entrepreneurial Leadership Mindset Pillar equips you with the instincts to discover the gap (idea) or opportunity in a situation or market, and construct that into a bankable business strategy/plan -showing how financing, competitive strategy, intellectual property, and operations will be executed.  A vast majority of founder-managed businesses fail within the first two years due to a lack of a competitive mindset, managerial expertise, capital or market knowledge. You are taught to be an intrapreneur and value-adding partner when employed, and/or a successful entrepreneur and job creator in your own right! You will be given the opportunity to run your own real life project whilst on campus, and the experience to build your own new business vecnture , scale-up and lead it to global success!

The pillar will also employ executive coaching techniques, workshops, case studies and your own new venture projects,  structured around the following modular themes:

  • Entrepreneurship and business planning
  • Entrepreneurial finance
  • Entrepreneurial marketing
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • High-tech entrepreneurship
  • Student enterprise & incubation
  • Research methodology
  • Doing Business in Africa

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