2019 Student Agreement

1. Fee Remittances To Your Professional Body

All remittance fees included in your invoice (e.g. registration, annual subscriptions, exemptions, exams) will be paid over to your Professional Body within 14 working days of availing your correct user access, and provided the funds have cleared into our bank account. If there are any outstanding debit orders/monthly payments, no remittances can be effected. It your responsibility to provide us whether or not prompted, with the necessary user access (user name and password) and to verify with us (via enquiries@charterquest.co.za) as well as your Professional Body -that your payment was received. In the event that you pay remittances with your invoice and there are material adverse exchange rates fluctuations or fee increase before your remittances are paid over to your professional body we may contact you to pay the difference. You must apply for your own registration, exemptions, and/or exam entry before we can remit your payment! 

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