The Future CFO -FYLA Programme Bursaries and Financial Aid

The CharterQuest Future CFO - FYLA Bursary & Financial Aid Scheme (CQFYLA -BFAS) has been setup; this is a fund into which a portion of its earnings will be contributed, and into which it will secure corporates to donate or contribute, towards sponsoring financially-needy students who demonstrate strong overall  performance and leadership potential on the programme:

To apply:
  1.  Pass all Year 1 modules 1st time and score 60% overall average.
  2. Click Apply for Bursary/Financial Aid and complete the form.
  3. Upload (1) two-page motivation to justify why you should be selected; (2) certified copies of valid ID/passport (3) year 1 transcripts; and (4) proof of parents/guardian income.

Note: A combination of methods will be used to assess your eligibility: e.g.  face-to-face interviews, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, recommendation from community leader, or specific corporate sponsor.


The CQFYLA -BFAS will inter alia, be subject to the following T/Cs:

  1. Formal acceptance of bursary offer within 3 days of receipt of your official Bursary Award Notification (BAN) letter; 
  2. Attedance and participation at a formal Bursary Award Ceremony (including granting interviews and taking pictures for promotions) on a date and time to be specified -which may be prior, during or after joining;
  3. Continuation or renewal will be subject to satisfactory academic attendance and performance, your conduct, and availability of resources;
  4. Maintenance of fulltime enrolment status -measured by your regular attendance at all scheduled classes and activities;
  5. Whether the bursary covers tution and living expenses, or only tuition, will be determined on a case-by-case basis;
  6. Bursary payments only cover 1st time attempts at exams and tuition, and excludes any penalties;
  7. Discontinuing, deferring or transferring a course will automatically lead to loss of bursary; except on serious medical or close family responsibility grounds -for which a written-approval was granted; 
  8. Failure to continue meeting the eligibility criteria, or breach of any of the T/Cs may invite a bursary suspension or termination;
  9. You may be required to provide a report to a bursary donor; and all information we hold about you may also be passed on to a donnor, or any party with a  bona fide interest; as judged solely by The CharterQuest Institute; and
  10. Any other T/Cs that will be in force, as updated on our website from time to time, or as specifically written in the CQFYLA Bursary & Financial Aid (BFA) offer letter.

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