Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You are leaving high school behind you -and transitioning to tertiary education; the decision you make as to which system of education –Academic or Professional, and which career direction to take, may define the rest of your life. Similarly, joining The Future CFO –FYLA Programme is 3-6 year commitment, and cannot be taken lightly; as such, we provide clarity on what we consider to be your most burning questions about the programme:

1. How long has the FYLA Programme been existing?

It is a new programme envisioned when The CharterQuest Institute was founded in 2010, first formally designed in 2015, set up in its current form in 2016, launched in 2017 -with the first intake planned for 2019!

2. How is The Future CFO -FYLA Programme different from traditional university programmes?

First: it emphasises the development of your competitive mind-set,  either through international case compeitions against top universities in Europe, North America and Asia, and/or rigorous simulations to real world probem-solving; and building your resilience and emotional intelligence. No other South African University commands the global stature and track record similar to that held by CharterQuest -as the global brand owners of Africa’s annual show piece -The CFO Case Study Competition, to arrange and send out its students to challenge for titles at global case competitions;

Second: it emphasises development of your entrepreneurial leadership mind-set -helping you find your passion, identify opportunities to effect change in society; to  translate, monetise and lead that change into a full-blown global business; assigning you  real projects to gain vital accounting, management and leadership experience whilst on campus; you are made to think and act like a change agent –an entrepreneurial leader, and a business professional, rather than the strict accounting professional the traditional university programmes train you to become;

Third and final: the CA (SA) pathway allows you to still acquire the relevant Bachelor and Honours (CTA) Degree in Accounting -specifically through UNISA, BUT instead of letting you go find your own work experience, we actually negotiate and secure the most relevant work and leadership development experience (articles) opportunity for you, before preparing you to take your SAICA Board 1 and 2 Exams.  As for the ACCA or CIMA Pathways, we also secure the relevant work experience, and rest assured -no other University in South Africa has the requisite ACCA Approved or CIMA Advanced Partner Accreditation status to deliver these full-time! Furthermore, our rigour, exceptional standards, and closer relationship with industry and top CFO’s, means we automatically guarantee the right job to fast track your career to future CFO, or start your own business  –traditional university programmes simply cannot provide this kind of guarantee!

3. Will CharterQuest issue a qualification at the end of the programme?

All your qualifications as cited in the detailed FYLA programme structure will be issued by the relevant professional body (ACCA, CIMA, SAICA); UNISA in the case of the CA(SA) pathway, and Oxford Brookes University in the UK (in the case of the ACCA pathway).

4. Does it guarantee work experience training and full employment upon graduating?

Yes. Within 3 months of completing the programme, CharterQuest will find a career-relevant job for you and/or connect you to start whatever business venture you successfully incubated during the programme.

5. Is CharterQuest a registered and accredited Institution in South Africa?

The CharterQuest Institute is currently registered and accredited as a Professional Education College with  FASSET -SAQA's ETQA/SETA for the Finance, Accounting, Management Consulting and other Financial Services sector (Reg. no. 585/01216/10). In terms of new regulations from the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO), requiring all private colleges registered with the SETA's to also now register with the Department of High Education and Training (DHET) by June 30, 2017, The CharterQuest Professional Education Institute has formally lodged its aplication.

6. The Programme runs over 3 - 6 years. What happens if I cannot follow it to the end? Do you assist with job placement nonetheless?

You should have gained some of the interim qualifications outlined in the programme structure in this eventuality. You can use this to find employment. Although we will do all to find you a job, we cannot guarantee as we believe it is the completion of our programme which secures your best chance. You will however be eligible to return and complete the programme within 18 months!

7. I notice the fees exclude accommodation and living expenses. What help can I get from FYLA in this regard?

Separate and special arrangements are available for student residential facilities around the Parkown/Auckland Park/Braamfontein (next to the Wits University Business School) areas where the vast majority of FYLA classes will operate. For sessions running at the Sandton and Pretoria, campuses, the school will arrange special transport to and fro the Parktown Campus.

8. Can I decide on my own whether to opt for the ACCA, CIMA or SAICA models? Can I do all three? What advice can you provide to help me decide which model to pursue?

You are at liberty to opt for which ever pathway you so wish. Once selected, you are not allowed to alter the pathway whilst on programme.  You can review our guidance: 'Are You A Future CFO' and 'High School To Chartered Accountant,' in The Future CFO Magazine accessible here and/or attend a special FYLA Open Day on September 2, 2017 at our Sandton campus to help you find answers to any residual questions you may have!

9. What modules exactly do I cover in year 1 of the FYLA Programme?

To find out the exact modules that will be covered in the first year/level of each of the 3 core components of the FYLA programme, kindly click here.

10. Can I pursue work experience during the first three years of the programme?

You can only pursue work experience or get involved in employment with our prior written permission during the 6 years of the programme. FYLA is a fulltime programme and although we will not unreasonably withhold permission, we strongly recommend you focus on your studies/programme requirements.

11. I am not a South African citizen and not resident in South Africa. Will I be eligible to apply?

Yes. You will however be subject to our international student policy guidelines, and any fee difference between those guidelines and the fees for the FYLA will be included in your tuition fees.

12. Will the students still have to pay to participate in the case study and business plan competitions in the mindset pillars?

No! FYLA will sponsor the students and arrange corporate sponsorships to ensure the students can achieve success on the national and global stage without any financial burden on them.

13. If I do not meet the minimum required pass mark to stay on the FYLA programme and removed, can I re-apply?

No. FYLA is a highly competitive programme which will maintain a large waiting list and students will be required to display exceptionalism at all levels of the programme. However, you will then be at liberty to continue on the other normal programmes of the selected pathway but not participate in the Mindset pillars.

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