Get Involved!

As an independent Academy of The CharterQuest Institute, the Future CFO -FYLA Programme is currently not supported, and as such, is responsible for raising 100% of its funding, primarily through tuition fees and donations. We invite noble individuals and organisations to get involved ( through any of the following  initiatives

Sponsor a Young Business Leader

Create and name your own Scholarship or Bursary Award and designate it as your individual, foundation or organisation award; this allows you to decide how many students must benefit, the expenses it must cover, and your preferred eligibility criteria. We will keep you informed about the recepients, and submit audited proof of how the criteria was applied, or we could recommend recepients for your final decision; and happilly provide opportunities for you to meet them and build an internship or mentorship relationship. You may also wish to initate your own campaign to raise funds!

Donate assets or material items to FYLA

You can directly provide material support, so we can in turn provide a world class service to them. Items such as photocopying machines, computers, printers, school bus, stationary will all be welcomed. The Academy intends to make donations annually to impoverished communities in South Africa, and as such, any material will strengthen the centers' ability to give back!

Other ways to get involved

  • Host one of our students for a year on the FYLA Programme;
  • Judge internal student case studies and business plan competitions;
  • Create an internship opportunity in your business;
  • Volunteer for special projects e.g. student enterprise board, mentor, events support;
  • Host a FYLA event e.g. conferences, workshops, case study competition, guest presenter series;
  • Invest in a student start-up project or secure seed capital for a project;
  • Visit our campuses, interact with and inspire our young business leaders;
  • Connect Us to people in your Network who could help advance our vision;
  • Recommend high potential young leaders to join the FYLA programme;
  • Serve as guest speaker;
  • Intern with or work for us; and/or
  • Like us on facebook and follow us on twitter.

You are most welcome to join us on this exciting journey of grooming the next generation of financially qualified business leaders!

Let's Get Social