The FYLA 6 Levels (Yr.1-6)

The Future CFO -FYLA Graduate Leadership Programme is structured over 6 levels, coinciding with its 6 years duration. During this period, a number of qualifications can be attained. The 6 levels are structured over 2 phases:
  • The Tuition Phase (Level 1/Yr. 1-3); and
  • The Work Experience Phase (Level 2/Yr.  4-6)

Click here to view the detailed structure of the levels, what will be addressed, and the minimum Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that must be achieved in order to remain or progress on the FYLA Programme. Those who fail to meet these levels can continue studying with CharterQuest on fulltime or parttime basis but can no longer continue on the exceptional standards set for FYLANs.

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