Competition Format & Stages

The CFO and The CFO Junior entail an in-depth analysis of a (multinational) business facing a set of 'real world' (strategic) business management issues that need to be addressed. It is structured over 4 Stages:

Stage 1: Preliminaries (Case analysis & Reporting)

Over a 60 day period, the teams analyse the case study to produce and submit a Board report. A panel of examiners then announce a shortlist of The Top 20 Teams who are then invited to submit a 10 minutes video (and final power point presentation slides) from which the Top 6 will be announced. In addition to their 10 minutes video, the teams will submit a 1 minute (60 seconds) 2-part Video: (1): Introducing their team, why they entered as well as the lessons learnt; and (2) Setting out their hopes and dreams, including how the competition has and could assist their future career. This also includes why the public should vote for their team in stage 2, in the event they are selected in the Top 6! The video should also promote entries for the next edition of the competition.

Stage 2: The People's Choice (Broadcast & Social Media)

The videos of the Top 6 Teams so selected in stage 1 then go live on broadcast and social media over a 30-60 day period; for the public to have their say by voting for the best video. The Top 3 winners get 5%, 3% and 1% average weighted score to their credit!

Stage 3: Semi Finals (Presentations)

The Top 6 Teams arrive in Johannesburg, South Africa to deliver live, their 10 minutes presentation to, and take questions for a further 15 minutes from a Mock Board -comprised of a highly esteemed international panel of judges. The international panel of judges will then select the Top 3 Teams to compete at the finals the next day.

Stage 4: The Finals (Extended case analysis & Presentations)

An extended version of the case study is analysed over 3 hours, followed by a further presentation to the Board (and audience) for 10 minutes. The judges will probe each team for a further 15 minutes on their analysis and recommended strategies and then decide the ultimate winner to receive The CharterQuest Future CFOs and Global Business Leaders 2018 Award!

Click for the detailed winning criteria or competition rules.

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