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KC Rottok

Project Communications Director for Rest of Africa

KC Rottok Chesaina is listed in the Top 35 under 35 Accountants in SA 2015 by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) and has been featured as a result in Accountancy SA magazine & Kenya’s Business Daily. He graduated cum laude with an accounting degree from Oxford Brookes University and at the young age of 28 was appointed profit-sharing partner of RSM, an audit firm in a network of 37000 employees in 112 countries. He left the firm in 2013 to form his own consultancy, Mueni Management Consulting. He is the founder of The SA Professional Services Awards and the founding editor of The African Professional magazine, a quarterly publication with a circulation of 5000 copies. 

He is an accomplished TEDx speaker and a TV host of #MYOPINION, a DSTV talk show broadcasting to 49 countries. He was the male face of VISA's 2014 World Cup campaign in Africa and is the voice of TUSKER's *896# TWENDEKAZI campaign. He recently became a recipient of a $15000 sponsorship from Bloomberg to take part in the African Leadership Initiative's Media Fellowship.

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