My value-add to you

I joined CharterQuest in the June 2015 semester taking CIMA E3, F3, P3. The semester ended in September and in October I wrote all 3 OT exams and passed just in time to join the November 2015 case study course that started late October. I got my final results and guess what? I'm a passed finalist and done studying CIMA!
Here's how I made it: 
  1. Going through all the theory in the Kaplan Study Text and all the Test Your Understanding and Integration questions. I studied and highlighted work in the whole Textbook, understanding all the concepts and the ideas behind them, it was time consuming, but it helped me get a better understanding, and when I was revising, it went by quicker which made questions and what I didn't understand seem more understandable, and it also helped me to know where all the focus and theory was when I was marking questions I didn't understand.
  2. Going through the Study Kit, 200 MCQ, I went through the questions once during the tuition phase, and once again during my exam prep phase.
  3. I went through the extra question banks as provided by CharterQuest, there are about 9 question banks with 30 questions each if I may not be mistaken, that helped alot. I marked each question bank after going through them. I must say the questions are quite tricky but try to attempt them. I made sure that I marked each question and also understood the solutions, this helped alot.
  4. I then went through the CharterQuest mocks 1, 2 and the final one for the second time having written them during the tuition phase under 'test' conditions and again marked them the same way as the question banks, understanding where I went wrong and why.
  5. I then revised the Study Text, going through all the chapters and theory the day before my exam and in the morning before I wrote.
  6. Also if you need to, try to book a session in the week of your exam with your CharterQuest lecturer. I saw them 2 days or so before my exams and they helped to iron out some issues that I had, which helped alot. 

    All the best with your preps, I know you will do well.

    Kind regards


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