Live Presentation Marking Grid 

Prior to the competition, the judges would have familiarised themselves with the case study, model answer and applied their minds to the main issues facing the case company, AMANGO GROUP PLC, and distinguishing the symptoms from the underlying problems.

Each judge working as part of a collective, delivers on the mandate by individually compiling brief notes (for subsequent sharing and feedback), and scoring each team on 'style and substance' around 6 Key Performance Areas (KPA 1, KPA 2 - to- KPA 6) per the 'live presentation marking grid' below.

For the semi-finals, an average weighted score per team will then be derived and extra credits assigned per the following rules: "The top 3 winners (of stage 2 -the public votes) get 5%, 3% and 1% average weighted score to their credit respectively, going into Stage 3: Semi-Finals. 
The Chief Judge will accordingly, ensure the applicable percentage (5%, 3%, 1%, or 0%) is then added be to the average weighted score of the team before the final team ranking is done to produce the Top 3 of the 6 teams.

For the finals, the best team, produced by ranking these Top 3 teams using a similar weighted averaging method (but without the public vote credit) is determined. 

Should consensus not be reached (for either the semi-finals or finals), the Chief Judge and Deputy will seek consensus between them, failing which the Chief Judge will have a casting vote!

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