Global Head and Award Presenter of The CFO Case Study Competition 2017

Prof. Elmarie Sadler
Executive Dean - UNISA 

Professor Elmarie Sadler is a Chartered Accountant (CA SA) and holds a DCompt degree. She has been Executive Dean of Unisa’s College of Accounting Sciences since Jan 2014. She acted as Executive Director and CEO of the Graduate School of Business Leadership (SBL) in 2013. Prior to this, she served as Deputy Executive Dean in the College of Economics and Management Sciences where she led the turnaround strategy for research and innovation. While her professional career started at KPMG, she has been involved in higher education over the last three decades. 

In 2008, Unisa recognised her research excellence by awarding her the Chancellor’s Prize for Excellence in Research; while in 2009, she was recognised with the Chairperson of Unisa Council Award for Distinguished Leadership, inter alia for her success in improving the equity profile of the School of Accounting Sciences through the appointment of numerous black Chartered Accountants. She has served on various committees of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA), and the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA)(SA), responsible for, inter alia, standard setting and/or on-site visits to accredit various academic programmes for the Accountancy profession offered by institutions of higher education.

Why did we select Professor Sadler as the Global Head and Award Presenter of The CFO Case Study Competition? 

More than a rare platform for South Africa’s next generation of CFOs and Global Business Leaders, The CFO Case Study Competition affords aspirants the opportunity to exchange, network, and above all, compete on an equal footing with the very finest of their counterparts around the world. The competition seeks to re-imagine, innovate and change education in South Africa and across the continent. After all, it is Pan-African in its founding and orientation, and proudly South African-led; with a strong global commitment to the integrated case method of teaching, in the development of real-world problem-solving and leadership acumen. 

To fit this ethos, the Project Board needed a well-respected pro-education, Pan-African South African with a strong commitment to ethics and merit; a highly accomplished education leader with a sustained track record of delivering change in the higher education sector in the fields of Accounting, Management Sciences and Business Leadership. Professor Sadler leads South Africa and Africa’s largest College of Accounting Sciences; is recognised for her immense contribution to producing -almost consistently each year - the largest number of Chartered Accountants in South Africa. 

The CFO Global Head and Award Presenter needed to be a consummate professional that can command the respect of key stakeholders: a global university education community, SA higher education policy makers, and big business. Professor Sadler is uniquely qualified to represent and project these ideals around the world; as such, the Project Board was only delighted by her agreement to serve as The CFO 2017 Global Head and Award Presenter!


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