Step 4

Lodge Your Study Permit Application

South Africa’s stu­dent visa/​permit regime is far friend­lier than that of UK and most Main­land Euro­pean coun­tries, USA, Canada, Aus­tralia and New Zealand. You can lodge your study per­mit appli­ca­tion either at a South African Embassy in your home coun­try or from within South Africa at your near­est Depart­ment of Home Affairs. We rec­om­mend that you pro­cure your study per­mit before trav­el­ling to South Africa. There is a huge short­age of accoun­tants in South Africa and that is the rea­son immi­gra­tion rules allow you to work for­merly for up to 20 hours whilst study­ing and enlists account­ing as pri­or­ity skills area for pro­vi­sion of quota work per­mits upon com­plet­ing your studies.

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