Strategic Plan Facilitation

Key Question for C-Suite Executives!

Do you need an expert and objective voice to steer your strategic plan and budgeting sessions?

Savvy C-suite executives deliberately look to outside assistance when formulating their business strategy not because they lack confidence in their team’s ability to develop the right strategy, but rather as an acknowledgement of the significant benefits of utilising a proven methodology and having an objective outside perspective to help them secure better outcomes. Why choose Charter Advisory?

5 Good Reasons!
  1. Subject matter expertise with strong mastery of strategic planning tools such as Scenario planning, PESTEL, SWOT, Value Chain, Porters 5 Forces, Ansoff Vector, McFarlan grid, etc.
  2. Skilled facilitators with over 15 years experience.
  3. Implementation experience with tools such as Balanced scorecard, Performance prism.
  4. Trusted Advisor with credibility, objectivity and integrity.
  5. Industry knowledge and/or research expertise through our Case Study Center.
5-Step Collaborative Process Methodology!
  1. Assess current needs and desired state including needs, capabilities and responsibilities.
  2. Develop a plan including meeting agenda, venue sourcing, action plans, follow-up and support.
  3. Implement and facilitate meeting(s) professionally and responsibly.
  4. Evaluate the process and results via participant appraisals.
  5. Reporting on the outcomes including follow-up and support to full benefit realisation.

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