Study Options (Case Study Classes)


Benefit 1:  16-18 hours Tuition focused on Case Study Assessment.
Benefit 2:  Criteria/Marking Grid + paragraph-by-paragraph Pre-seen/Case Study analysis with tutor notes.
Benefit 3: Practice + debrief of MOCKS/DRILLS designed to integrate and cover the Enterprise (E). Performance (P) and Financial (F)   pillars with detailed solutions discussed in class.
Benefit 4: Course Notes/Case Analysis/Workbook printout with further analysis + mock practice directives.
Benefit 5: PC-based final Mock Exam marked with detailed solutions.
Benefit 6: Online supported learning based on Case Study Assessment.
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Exemptions Recommendations

Applies to Gateway(Management), Operational and Strategic Level Students.

Gateway student? We have designed a course for you to pass their exam 1st time! Our Recommendation is that ven though you qualify for the Gateway Exam route (i.e. direct entry through the CIMA Management Case Study (MCS) exams), going directly to attend our Gateway Exam course will require that your knowledge of E2, P2 & F2 under the CIMA 2015 syllabus is up to date as the course mainly seeks to apply that knowledge to the case study. Please ensure you review the  CIMA 2015 Syllabus for E2, P2 & F2  to confirm that your Master's Degree or Professional Qualification was not only recently obtained but rigorously covered this syllabus. If not, w e strongly recommend that you enrol for/take our Tuition & Exam Preparation Package (TEPP -Evenings or Weekends) to help deepen your mastery of E2, P2 & F2 and secure the vital tools you will need on the Gateway course instead of going direct. Experience teaches us that 90% of those who follow our advice pass 1st Time whereas 95% of those who do not often regret it!

Should you follow this advice, note that you will not be required to write the official E2, P2 & F2 CIMA OT Exams as you have been exempted but you can take our internal tests to prepare you ahead of the Gateway course which normally starts 3-4 weeks after. You can take the Combo 4 TEPP Package. 

Did you receive part level exemptions? If you became an Operational/Strategic Level student through exemptions, excluding the case study exam applicable to your level we recommend you take classes for the modules you have been exempted, to refresh as you will need the knowledge in your case study exam. You are not required to write the official final CIMA exam for the modules you have been exempted, but you can take our internal tests to prepare ahead of the case study exam. We, therefore, recommend you take a full level package (Combo 4) which allows access to all (3) OT classes and the Case Study, studying over 24 months, with an extended payment plan covering 8 months! 

Detailed Course Structure

Download PDF version of this 2019 Detailed Timetables with class dates here. Classes run from our Sandton (Rivonia) Campus.

Student Testimonials

Devin Puckree 

Global Top 4 @ Strategic Level Case Study

Choose CQ! I did and achieved a Global Top 4 Spot!

Khabonina Mnguni

Completed Strategic Level In 6 Months

I completed CIMA Strategic Level in 6 Months -All 3 OTs + Case Study!

Neil Moodley

Completed Strategic Level In 6 months

Choose your CIMA College Wisely! I did and passed ALL 1st Time! Iam done!