Team Allez Consulting from Monash University, Australia

Team Profile

The Allez Consulting team is made up of three young Australians currently studying at Monash University. Team members have previously applied their strategic and financial analysis skills to various case competitions including the CIMA Global Business Challenge, UBS Investment Banking Challenge, CFA Institute Research Challenge, and Chartered Accountants Student Challenge. They share a passion for coming up with creative solutions to business problems, and hope to sharpen their acumen through their participation in The CFO Case Study Competition.

The strength of the team comes from its diversity of academic and professional backgrounds. Between them, the three team members have studied economics, finance, accounting, law, and medicine and have previously worked in education, health and fitness, management consulting, and investment banking.

Individual Profiles

Hugh Gao
The Business Analyst

Hugh has an interest in analysing large complex datasets to extract insights in areas ranging from financial markets to medical genomics. In between his studies and drinking copious amounts of caffeine, Hugh likes to watch Korean dramas and David Attenborough documentaries.

Hugh is studying a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (Honours).

James Wong
The Communicator

James has a passion for public speaking–the bigger the audience, the better. In between his studies, participating in debates, and organising conferences, James likes to explore Australia’s beautiful coastline and collect maps of places he may never visit. He is also learning Swahili.

James is studying a Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws.

Victor Yang
The Accountant

Victor has a knack for numbers, an eye for detail, and an an interest in how financial reporting drives management decision-making. A natural leader and team-player, Victor motivates and inspires others to perform at their peak. When he’s not pumping out models in Excel, he likes to hit the gym and pump some iron.

Victor is studying a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours).

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