Team Alpha from United States International University-Africa, Kenya

Team Profile

With nothing but a dream in our hearts and the spirit of exploration, we, an untested group of first year university students, took a chance and set out to attempt this challenge. Team Alpha is comprised of four self-motivated members currently studying at the United States International University–Africa. Elvis Wakaba the “Team worker and Coordinator” ensures deadlines are met, relationships are maintained and snacks are distributed without fail. Anita Oteri the “Monitor Evaluator” ensures we don’t get ahead of ourselves by checking that our solutions are backed by logic and the numbers all match up. Amos Njiraini the “plant” and “resource investigator” who is highly creative and a problem solver uses unconventional means as per his inquisitive nature to find ideas for the team. Lys Ilunga the “Completer Finisher” is flexible enough to provide any assistance that is required to ensure our work is up to standard. 

With an interest in the world of accounting, business, and finance, we know this competition will give us a peek into the industry and the high stake moves played out in the boardrooms which we all aspire to sit in one day. Having a shared passion for leading in all our pursuits, we seek to get to the finals and clinch the title of 2016 champions.

Individual Profiles

Elvis Wakaba
Leader & Coordinator

Elvis Wakaba who is originally from Nanyuki, a small town 200km North of Nairobi is currently pursuing a Bsc. finance degree at USIU- Africa. As our team leader, his greatest strength is his adaptability and his pursuit of excellence which sees him push the team towards perfection. He is a gym enthusiast who has reaped the benefits of discipline and the compounding effect of small tasks done well over a period of time by exerting the same principles he applies into his professional and academic life.  

He is interested in the finance industry especially investment banking with his long-term goal being to create a firm that provides financial solutions that are tailor-made for the African market. 

Lys Ilunga
Completer Finisher

Lys is a mature, intelligent and hardworking person who has developed a disciplined and driven approach to activities she undertakes. She is always eager to face new challenges that will enable her improve her skills and learn from every opportunity that comes her way. She's our ‘Completer Finisher’ according to the Belbin model of team cohesion. She's also creative in her work with a keen eye for detail and has a genuine interest in finance and numerical data analysis.

Lys as a team player is self-motivated and sticks to commitments while giving her best to every task she is assigned. She enjoys spending quality time with her family and engaging different pastimes through which she gets to unwind. Currently, she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree of science in finance at the United States International University-Africa. 

Anita Oteri
Monitor Evaluator

As per the Belbin team work model, Anita is our ‘monitor evaluator’. She is driven by logic and an intricate work ethic that sees her evaluate concepts from different angles so as to implement the best possible approach. A versatile, enthusiastic and competent individual, she strives to achieve high standards in whatever she undertakes while looking out for the best interests of the team. She is a willing learner, who is always open to new knowledge and particularly enjoys sitting with older folks and hearing about their experiences in life. She is willing to participate in the decision making process and once a plan is in place she is able to follow instructions with regard to the task she has been assigned.

There’s never a dull moment around her; Anita has a wicked sense of humour that stems from her unique perspective on life and relationships. A lover of basketball and the colour grey. She comes from Nairobi and is currently a first year student pursuing a Bachelor’s degree of science in Finance at United States International University - Africa.

Amos Njiraini
Monitor Evaluator

Amos our resource investigator and plant is also the in-house creative, critical and analytical thinker. His style of thinking moves away in divergent directions so as to involve a variety of aspects that he envisages and formulates the right problem then formulates facts, theories, hypotheses which lead to novel ideas and solutions. He strives for simplicity in his work all while preserving something deeper that’s not always so apparent.

Amos considers himself a “hands on” individual and a “creative visual” who draws, paints, sketches, moulds things, destroys things & occasionally creates things. The entrepreneurial spirit in him has driven him to start an eco-business that specializes in recycling glass bottles and turning them into unique fine-looking works of art. He is from Nairobi and studying international business administration at an undergraduate level. 

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