Team Dolphins from Prasetiya Mulya University, Indonesia

Team Profile

Team Dolphins comes from Prasetiya Mulya, Indonesia which consists of four undergraduate students; Michael and Marcell from business major, Sacarissa from accounting major, and Stephanie from marketing major.

Throughout the process, they always try to challenge themselves as they are longing to inspire and be inspired by the world. As a team, the Dolphins always try to explore circumstances from different perspectives. They are highly fascinated by the magic of insights and constantly seeking for new experience.

Team Dolphins believe in the importance of process, togetherness, and always striving for excellence. Once they do something, they will never let it rest; until good becomes better, and better becomes best.

Individual Profiles

Marcell Handoko

Marcell always strives for a better solution. He believes that there is always a positive side in every problem. As a CFO, Marcell believes that it is important to analyze every root-cause with multiple perspectives and forecast the impact from each alternative before finally deciding on the solution.

Michael Stefanus

A passionate individual, Michael is the narrator of his own life. Highly believing in simplicity, Michael always puts all his thoughts for calm and considered solutions. As a marketer and problem solver, Michael believes that it is important to see things from multiple perspectives and infuse meaningful stories in every initiation. That is why, seeking for new challenges and joining different competitions is important to him.

Sacarissa Salim

Finding the balance of both worlds – Sacarissa Salim (Sasa) is an individual who is eager to find the balance through everything that she does. It means all about balance and positioning herself. A leader and a listener, an analyst with creativity, peanut butter and jelly. Moreover, Sasa also loves to explore the world to be able to see things differently. 

Stephanie Regina

Stephanie has always been into Marketing and Public Speaking. Pursuing her passion, she joined many Business Case and Marketing Case Competitions just so she can learn more and get inspired by the new people she meets. She believes that life is meant to be shared, thus she always tries to immerse in many organizations and communities. She enjoys travelling, continuously seeking an adrenaline rush. You may remember her by her distinctive big smile.

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