Mission & Core Values

Our Mission

The Future CFO Informing Career Decisions magazine aims to create a business culture, endorse a business mentality and groom business thought leaders by providing society with quality educational information and providing a Platform for debate and self –development.

Our Core Values
  • Educational Value - The Future CFO’s very existence is to educate and inform society and encourage professional education. The aim is to raise awareness, make an impact and leave an educational impression with every edition of our publication.
  • AccuracyThe Future CFO is a strong believer of checking its facts and weighing its content value before it gets to its audiences. All articles written by staff writers will be checked for factuality, contributed and third party articles will also be treated in the same manner in order to maintain an exceptional standard.
  • Opinion PiecesThe Future CFO stands for freedom of expression and the opinions of professionals, members of society and freelance writers are welcome. In the instances of third party articles or articles submitted to us by members of society and professionals, thorough checks for factuality and truth will be done. Only articles that we feel are in the best interest of our audiences and will benefit society will be published. The same applies to letters to the editor.
  • Social Obligations - CharterQuest and its publication/ Subdivision The Future CFO is dedicated in making a difference in the lives of people. We stand for the betterment of the lives of the members of society. Annually, The Future CFO will donate time and a percentage of revenue to the cause of educating the underprivileged. In this regard planned campaigns will be discussed by the board and Management. All Campaigns will be announced by The Future CFO's Management or that of CharterQuest on our social media sites and on the publication itself or through press conferences, this will be done for authentication purposes.


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