B.COMPT in Taxation

Unisa Qualification Name​ Unisa Qualification​ Code NQF Level & Credits​
B.COMPT Taxation ​98318-TAX ​NQF7, 360 credits


Students should note that during the course of their studies they would be required to have access to a computer, a printer and the internet. You will be provided this access a student of CharterQuest. Below are the key modules to obtain this qualification:

First level​ Pre-requisite/recommendation
​Group A Module Names: All Compulsory
AIN1501 - Accounting Information Systems in a Computer Environment
CAS1501 - Perspectives on Accountancy
CLA1503 - Commercial Law IC
DSC1630 - Introductory Financial Mathematics
​ECS1500 - Economics IA
​ECS1601 - Economics IB ​Pre-requisite:ECS1501 or ECS1016
FAC1502 - Financial Accounting Principles, Concepts and Procedures
FAC1601 - Financial Accounting Reporting ​Co-requisite:FAC1502
MNB1501 - Business Management IA
MNB1601 - Business Management IB ​Pre-requisite:MNB1501 or MNB101D

It is critical that you click here for more information from UNISA about any further modules in the current or subsequent year/level if applicable and the rules governing this qualification.

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