Volunteer as Case Study Expert

5 Key Questions!

  1. Are you a business educator, equity researcher, author or case study writer, business journalist, CFO/CEO/Senior Executive or strategy consultant?
  2. Keen to share or research into strategic scenarios and develop these into a full blown case study for use in our future competitions to your credit?
  3. Passionate about strategic consulting in relation to “Doing Business in the Rest of Africa?"
  4. Want to Build your Brand as a “Case Study Expert” and position yourself for the myriad of research, conference speaker, TV/Radio commentaries, publishing and consulting opportunities that will follow?
  5. Do you wish to interact and network with a team of passionate case experts  associated with and working with our Case Study Center, across Africa and globally?

From 2017, each case study competition will comprise at least 2 scenarios/issues pertinent to the challenges a modern day CFO/CEO/Executive faces when entering or expanding into the Rest of Africa. We invite you to share your experience and contribute to our database of case study scenarios for incorporation into future case studies to your credit whilst also expanding your horizons!

To better discharge their role, case writers are expected to review prior case studies for The CFO and familiarise themselves with the competition rules and winning criteria.  

To express interest in participating as a Case Study Expert, please click here to register.

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