Why Enter as Current CFO/Audit Partner/Employer

5 Key Questions!

Do you sometimes wish your lower level audit or finance team/s could:

  1. Be more technically astute with good report writing skills?
  2. Be more able to work with minimal supervision?
  3. Work better as a cohesive team with strong results & deadline orientation?
  4. Display stronger leadership skills and a more proactive mindset?
  5. Appreciate the big picture as nearly as you do?

The CFO is designed to be a rigorous entry-level staff development tool that will add immediate value to your business. It is structured to rapidly develop applied technical accounting and finance skills, soft skills, leadership and big picture skills. It will also develop the analytical, logical thinking, presentation, self confidence, critical and the creative problem solving skills of your staff and deepen their appreciation of the value of taking a holistic and strategic approach to enterprise management. 

Encourage your teams to enter and support them to compete effectively and be amazed at the transformation they will undergo as well as the resulting value add to your business. There is no direct financial cost to you. Just time investment to help them compete effectively! 

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You could also  sponsor the competition and secure all the strategic benefits available to your potential competitors.

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