Why Enter as Aspirant

5 Good Reasons!

1. Connect with top universities and employers

Many national and international universities as well as recruiters ask us to find top students/graduates and actually attend 'The CFO' finals each year to scout for talents, so you have a real chance to personally connect with and impress them, potentially landing that dream job or scholarship opportunity.

2. Build resilience, competitiveness and differentiate yourself

It will build your tenacity, stretch and teach you how to cope with pressure by combining your normal academic/exams schedule and delivering on deadlines. You will receive guidance from industry experts, adding to ongoing feedback from your lecturer/tutor/coach on how to adapt, differentiate yourself and compete for success - a skill you will definitely need in future!

3. Network with like-minded future CFOs/Business Leaders

It brings together like-minded young aspiring business leaders who may be facing career challenges and decisions you have already faced or likely yet to face in the near future. Meeting each other will be a good way to compare notes!   

Watch videos of what previous Top 6 had to say:


4. Bring the business, national/global spotlight on your value

This is a chance to display your unique attributes on the big stage. It could see you and your family being profiled in major national and international media, opening doors to many other career opportunities unimaginable!

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