About CharterConnect

CharterConnect is a free-subscription member-based online portal that networks entry-level to fully qualified Accounting & Finance related professionals, and connects them to recruiters and potential employers, to facilitate job placements and their career development. 

Value Proposition

FREE access to the most credible, comprehensive and up-to-date skills repository with the most superior search capability for both candidates and recruiters. 

Benefits to Students & Candidates

  • Search for Accounting & Finance jobs and connect instantly!
  • Improve your visibility to South African and Global recruiters and employers.
  • Receive relevant job alerts and real-time updates about your finance career and industry-relevant postings. 
  • It will always be FREE for candidates!

Benefits to Recruiters (Employers & Recruitment Agencies)

  • Shorten the recruitment process by searching for and selecting the best candidates for your clients.
  • Post jobs to advertise your offering and attract a wider pool of candidates.
  • It's a FREE service until December 31st, 2017!
Benefits to Professional Bodies
  • Receive statistics on the Accounting & Finance job market.
  • Benchmark how employers respond to qualifications from your Professional Body.
  • It's a FREE service until December 31st, 2016!
For further details, visit www.charterconnect.co.za

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