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The CharterQuest Case Study Center NPC (CSC) is a Non-Profit Foundation (reg. 2016/083013/08 and NPO # 170-771) dedicated to strengthening the integrated case study method of teaching at Africa's universities and institutions of higher learning and advocating professional education to help bridge the gap between the cutting edge skills employers seek and what our system of education is producing. The key strategic initiatives and programmes of the Center include:

  1. Investing in case study research and methodology development.
  2. Developing a strategic capability for case study tuition and exam preparation courses.
  3. Coaching  African teams seeking to compete at global case study competitions.
  4. Design/operating Africa's 1st global annual case study competition: 'The CFO; and The CFO Junior. 
  5. Design/operating a Fulltime Youth Business Leadership Academy - FYLA

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