CIMA is the world’s leading, and largest, professional body of Management Accountants with a unique blend of management accounting, financial accounting and business-focused subjects producing competent and confident Chartered Global Management Accountants (CGMAs) who can lead their organisations to sustainable success.

CIMA Intakes

Semester 1 January 
Semester 2 June 
Semester 3 September.
Intakes also apply to Full-Time Classes.

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Follow the link to get a free quote or to register via our sudent driven online portal. Tuition fees exclude Exam fees or any other fees due to CIMA but you can add any CIMA fees (in Rands) and we remit on your behalf.

About Gateway Exams

The gateway route (for MBA/MCom Degree Holders) is a great way to fast track onto the CIMA Professional Qualification and earn the highly valued CGMA designation. 

New to CIMA?




Do I meet the minimum entry requirements? 
YOU DO! No entry requirements or prior education is needed to    start CIMA at the foundation/certificate level.


Can I claim any CIMA credits/exemptions for my previous studies? YES! If you have a relevant degree or qualification but this is  only granted at CIMA’s discretion once you are a registered  CIMA student and not before.

NB: Colleges are not authorised to evaluate qualifications and/or grant exemption advice. Only CIMA has this discretion.

More info? Click here

How about if I have an MBA Degree, ACCA, CPA or CA(SA)?
You can either claim exemption from the 5 certificate level subjects and E1 - Organisational Management at the operational level or you can automatically gain advanced entry via the CIMA Gateway Assessment exam.

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How do I register to become a CIMA student and to take exams?
It’s very easy! To register as a CIMA student first time, simply    click  here   , review the content and follow the    instructions.

To take your CIMA exams, you will need to register with any
Pearson Vue Authorised Test Centre. All CharterQuest Campuses
are Pearson Vue Authorised Test Centers so you can simply click here and go to Book PC Exams and register to write your exams with us. It will also point to dates available and prices per booking.


What study options are available to study with CharterQuest?
You can study your CIMA with us parttime, fulltime, evening, weekend or home study as defined in our study options section. Please also review our fees & timetables section.


How do I enrol with CharterQuest?
Once you have confirmed your study option and the semester you wish to begin your studies (even if you are yet to fulfil Step 3 above) you can start by getting a free quotation or doing a direct enrolment by clicking below:


CIMA is the world’s largest professional body of Management Accountants. CIMA members are qualified to work across an organisation, not just in finance. In addition to strong accounting and finance fundamentals, CIMA teaches leading-edge strategic business and management skills that drive modern businesses.

  • Be recognised in South Africa and globally
  • Combine finance and strategic business management skills
  • Demonstrate ethics and professionalism
  • Boost your employability and/or earning potential

Why Choose CharterQuest?

1st Time Pass Guarantee, Flexible Study Option, etc..

What Qualification should I have to start CIMA?

There are no specific requirements to study CIMA, as long as you are competent in English and Mathematics you qualify to start studying CIMA. To find more information on how to go about the process of becoming a CIMA student, kindly  click here

How long does it take to complete CIMA?

It all depends on an individual and the package that the student has selected but on average, students complete the CIMA qualification in 2-5 years.

Is there anyone I can come see to take me through all the courses that you offer and the registration process?

Yes we have student advisors at all our campuses you can always come in and be assisted alternatively you can call us on 011 234 9223 or book an appointment on

When registered with CIMA do I pay you or CIMA?

One way or the other it is still the same, you can pay all fees payable to CIMA (remittance fees) then we will remit them to CIMA on your behalf, however if you have paid the registration fee to CIMA you do not have to pay through us.

What NQF level is CIMA?   

The CIMA qualification is equally a fully SAQA-registered Professional Qualification in South Africa at NQF Level 8 equivalent to an Honours degree or a Post Graduate Diploma.

Is CharterQuest registered?

We are a SAQA/FASSET-registered and accredited college that works with and is approved by CIMA to provide structured tuition and practical work experience in South Africa for these qualifications. Kindly refer to the following page About CQ for our accreditations

Is CIMA an international qualification or local?

Yes the CIMA qualification is an international qualification and it is globally recognised, kindly click here  to find out more about the CIMA qualification

What are the benefits of enrolling with CharterQuest?

We are a CIMA premium learning partner, please click here to know more about CharteQuest and the benefits of enrolling with us.  

How good are CharterQuest lecturers?

We have award-winning CIMA qualified tutors who teach exclusively. Click here to find out more about our lecturers.

How do I get to your campuses (directions)?

We have three campuses. Kindly click here to get our addresses and map directions to all our campuses.

I would like to study CIMA and I have no idea on where to start. Can you please provide me with more information?

Please visit our "New to CIMA" page for a step by step guide.

What’s the registration process with your institution?

Our registration process is done online here. Top right corner click “Free Quotes and Bookings” and follow the steps given, and receive a pro-forma invoice instantly.

I have registered with CIMA. How do I go about registering for classes with CharterQuest?

It is very simple. To register and enrol kindly click here and follow the process therein. Should you experience any difficulties kindly contact our student advisors on 011 234 9223

What are the CIMA remittance fees and what is the importance of paying them?

  • The remittances are all fees payable to CIMA like your registration fees, annual subscription, exam fees etc., therefore you will need to pay the registration fees in order to be fully registered with CIMA and write exams.
  • Failure to pay the remittance fees will result in your account with CIMA to lapse and you will not have access to taking any CIMA exams.
  • Please note: If you choose to pay the remittance fees to CIMA then you do not have to include them on the CharterQuest invoice but if you decide to pay them through us then you will need to have included them on your invoice and we shall remit them to CIMA on your behalf.

I got a quote online and would like to register and enrol, how do I go about it?

If there’s nothing you would like us to amend on your quotation kindly click the link on page two (2) of your quotation to formalise it into a formal enrolment (registration).

What happens if I’m the only student registered for a module?

You will be provided with all the necessary support, such as attending class and taking up all our internal progress tests and mock. In the event that the class that you registered for has more students another campus then you will be asked to join the class and get 10% discount.

My company will be sponsoring my studies and I will need a tax invoice, please assist?

You can simply get a tax invoice online by clicking here and follow the process therein, you will need to pay close attention to detail so that you are able to select the tax invoice option.

How does the Master’s Gateway route work?

CIMA has developed an accelerated route into the CIMA professional qualification for MBA or Master’s in accounting holders called Master’s Gateway Assessment. Upon completion of a gateway examination, you will receive the Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting and be awarded 11 exemptions from the CIMA exams (out of a total of 15), allowing you to start studying at Strategic level. To register for this fast-track route, information on the gateway route is available on the Master’s Gateway page here

I would like to register and enrol for the Gateway route how do I go about it?

CharterQuest has a very ideal approach for gateway students in which you can find more information by clicking here. To register and enrol kindly click here.

I currently hold other relevant professional qualification. Can I get exempted?

Yes definitely!....If you have completed your bachelors, masters or hold qualification from other bodies, then you will be entitled for exemptions. To check how many exemptions you can claim, please click on the link below and enter your institute name. Follow the steps thereafter to find out your exemptions. However, please note that until you are registered with CIMA as a student the exemptions will not be finalized or reflected on your account.

NB:  Colleges are not authorised to evaluate qualifications and/or grant exemption advice. Only CIMA has this discretion.

I am in a process of completing my BCom degree and would like to start CIMA ASAP please advise on which level should I apply for?

To know which level you are ought to start at kindly click here to find out about how the exemptions process work and then apply. Kindly note your exemptions can only be confirmed by CIMA.

What type of CIMA classes do you offer at your institution

We have flexible study options where you can choose to attend part time, Evenings, Weekends, Full time, Day time, Revision, and Distance learning known as our home study package.

I would like to study CIMA through CharterQuest but the fees are too high. Please can you advise on the best options?

  • We have special offers such as getting up to 16% discount, with just 20% deposit of your overall invoice fee that gets you started including CIMA remittances, and up to 6 months instalmentpay plan.
  • You can even take 1 module per semester and choose the above option plan to settle your fees.

I have taken up all modules at once but its straining me. Is it possible if I can defer some of the other modules to the next semester if so what are the terms and conditions?

You can postpone a course for up to two semesters ONLY unless the course does not run during the next two semesters where further postponement can be allowed. 

I would like to prepare for my Case study exam seating, does CharterQuest offer any preparation classes?

We provide both tuition and revision classes for all case study levels. Kindly click here to find out more about our Case Study course package fees and timetables.

I would like to get assistance with your course package and fees?

Kindly refer to the Fees and Timetables section for our fees and course packages. Furthermore you can also generate a free quote by clicking here and receive an invoice within seconds.

Why don’t you have Certificate classes in other campuses?

The students who had enrolled had not met the minimum required number to run a class for that semester. However, all students that have enrolled are moved to Join the Sandton class.

Does CharterQuest have payment option plan or the fee balance needs to be settled in a specific period of time?

Yes we have the "YES WE CAN!" pledge in which with ONLY R995 + VAT (= R1134) per module or 20% of the invoice together with a 1-6 months signed debit order mandate. Our Yes we can pledge enables you to secure all your study materials and grant you immediate access to class and remit your registration, annual subscription and/or exam fees in full to CIMA. 

When does your intake/registration close?

Registration is always open however we always encourage our students to confirm their enrolment a week before their class starts so that they get their study materials on time.

What would you consider to be helpful between taking classes and distance learning?

We provide quality tuition for both options and also our internal progress tests and mocks however there are benefits in attending classes in which we guarantee 1st time pass or get free return plus 35% rebate against a future course.

I don’t want to sign the debit order mandate as I will settle my account before due date please advise?

The debit order is mandatory as long as you have not settled the full amount, should you settle your account before the debit order date then our accounts department will cancel your debit order and the interest will fall off. For more information about debit orders kindly send an email to 

How are your class structured?

Our class structures vary according to study packages. Kindly refer to our Study Options section to see how our classes are structured.

How are the classes structured in all your campuses?

Please refer to our Fees and Timetables section to see how all of our classes are structured. You can also find more details by clicking here.

How do I book for my CIMA exams?

You can simply book by clicking here for any of your OT exams and you will receive a confirmation within seconds

How do I book CIMA exam and where do I do the payment?

You can book your exam by clicking here and make payment online, or pay via EFT at any of our campuses or pay via bank deposit and send through proof of payment to /

What document should I come with when writing the CIMA exam?

The confirmation of your exam booking outlines what is expected from you when going to take your exams normally you need to come with two 2 forms of identification.

What are the prices for your CBA exam seating and what are the times available?

In order to see all the time slots available along with associated pricing for each exam, kindly download the CBE Prices and Timetables by clicking here, under CIMA CBA.

I have paid my exam fees already when I was enrolling, do you book for my exam as well?

No, you will need to book the exam for yourself here. You will then receive a confirmation of your booking and will be requested to send through proof of payment then all you have to do is send us an email stating that you have already paid for themexam.

NB: CharterQuest will only remit your exam fees upon your exam booking on the above mentioned link.

Do you have past papers that one can use to revise from home?

We have our internal test portal that is securely designed for all our registered students to attempt the test or mocks either at home, work or they can come through to any of our campuses to take the test. We send through the link as well as students log in details for access.

Do I need to book with CIMA for the Case Study exam first or do I need to book directly with you?

You can book directly with CIMA or with CharterQuest as we are a Pearson Vue Authorised Test centre. Please  click here to book with us. 

I would like to purchase study materials please send me a quote or Invoice?

To get a quote or an invoice kindly visit CharterBooks and follow the process therein and a bookstore purchase order invoice will be sent to you and you will be notified within 2-3 working days to come collect your study materials.

Does CharterQuest deliver books, if yes what are the prices for the courier?

Yes we do deliver books. The pricing of our courier is found by the delivery method during the purchasing process. To buy books online kindly click here or if you have further enquiries kindly contact our CharterBooks Stores on 011 791 3014

Are the course fees inclusive of study materials and after how long will I receive them?

  • All our study packages/options are inclusive of study materials in which you will be notified within 9 working days or less to come collect your study materials upon confirmation of payment. 
  • In the event that you have your own study materials you get 3% discount.

Can I buy books at campus and have them same time if not how long does delivery take?

No, books can only be purchased online on CharterBooks, kindly note that books take about 2-3 working days to be delivered at any of your preferred campus or at your preferred destination prior to confirmation of your payment.

I am an international student please provide me with all necessary information that will be required from me so that I can be registered

Kindly refer to the International Students page that will provide you with all the information you will need to know about our international students.

Does CharterQuest provide accommodation for international students or distance learning students?

No we do not provide accommodation however we offer assistance in getting accommodation for our students please visit the International Students page to find more information.

Do you provide study groups or sessions where students come together to study?

Currently no, we do not have any interactive sessions however we have a LinkedIn page “The CQ Alumni Network” the place where you can connect with classmates and network with fellow CGMAs, CIMAs, CA (SA), CFAs etc with whom you share CharterQuest as your Alma mater. Please click here to find more information on how it works and be part of the network

Does CharterQuest offer Job opportunities?

We have CharterConnect, a free-subscription member-based online portal that networks entry-level to fully qualified Accounting and Finance related professionals, and connects them to recruiters and potential employers, to facilitate job placements and their career development. Visit CharterConnect to find more information.

How can CharterQuest assist with CIMA’s Practical Experience?

Kindly refer to the following page to find out on how we can assist with your CIMA Practical Experience Requirement 

When is your next open day?

We have open days every semester to get details on the dates and places in which it will take place kindly visit our events page.

I attended the Open day 1st semester which is 3 months ago and would like my discount to be allocated on my invoice, please advise?

Please note that the discount is subject to attending and booking a course at an Open Day Event that took place within 60 days prior to booking. Therefore I would advise you to attend our 2nd semester open day in order to qualify for the discount.