CharterQuest Alumni Network

Join the CharterQuest Alumni Network on Linkedin and let your Alma mater work for you

The CQ Alumni Network is THE place to connect with classmates and network with fellow CGMAs, ACCAs, CA (SA), CFAs etc with whom you share CharterQuest as your Alma mater. Let the CQ brand continue to propel your career and let your successes continue to inspire more YOUs! 

Soon you will be able create your own profile to keep in touch with fellow classmates or meet new alumni wherever you live, work and travel. For now you can login using your linkedin profile:

  • Share your personal or professional news by posting your class notes for the CQ Magazine publication
  • Search for classmates
  • Receive event notifications and the CQ Times e-newsletter 
  • Find alumni groups on LinkedIn and Facebook, and follow us on Twitter

How do I JOIN?

  1. Login into your Linkedin account.
  2. Go to Profile.
  3. Click on Add Education. (See below)

  4. Fill in the School Field by typing CharterQuest. (See below)

  5. Continue to fill in the other fields of your course.
  6. After filling them in, click on Save.
  7. You will appear under our Students/Alumni section as below.

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