Center for Corporate Education

Key Question for C-Suite Executives!

Do your teams need in-house management development skills training in specific competency areas?

Our Center for Corporate Education partners with clients to understand their talent needs and develop tailored learning solutions that combine theory (new ideas), illustration (case studies), and practical application (tools to personalise the ideas). Our expert tutors deliver these learning solutions (short courses) in a variety of formats suited to your busy schedules using techniques such as face-to-face classes, mentorships, executive coaching etc. These are run as Credit, Non-Credit, Workshops, Seminars, Customised Professional Development or NQF/unit standard aligned or SAQA accredited at our clients' preferred site.

5 Broad Focus Areas!
  1. Supervisory, Management and Leadership Development
  2. Strategic Planning & Management.
  3. Management Accounting and Financial Management.
  4. Risk Management & Corporate Governance.
  5. Project Management for Strategy Execution.

Contact us at should you need to discuss how we could help and obtain our detailed proposal including fees.

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