Debit Order

Terms & Conditions


I acknowledge that all payment instructions issued by you shall be treated by my Bank as if the instructions have been issued by me personally and that I have lawful authority to debit the provided bank account. 

Failed Debit Order/s 

I authorize CharterQuest to immediately re-run any failed debit orders on any day of their choosing or any date I so provide or do such payment by EFT on demand and for which a charge of R195 will be paid for every failed debit order amount.


I agree that although this Authority and Mandate may be cancelled by me, such cancellation will not cancel the Agreement. I/We shall not be entitled to any refund of amounts which you have withdrawn while this Authority was in force, if such amounts were legally owing to you.


I acknowledge that this Authority may be ceded or assigned to a third party if the Agreement is also ceded or assigned to that third party, but in the absence of such assignment of the Agreement, this Authority and Mandate cannot be assigned to any third party.

CharterQuest reserves the right to reverse all discounts if any debit order bounces and/or if payment term/s is extended to a period not on initial agreement.