Post Graduate Diploma in Management   Accounting

UNISA Qualification Name​ UNISA Qualification​ Code NQF Level & Credits​
Certificate in the Theory of Management Accounting ​98205-CTMA ​NQF8, 120 credits


Students should note that during the course of their studies they would be required to have access to a computer, a printer and the internet. Group A of this qualification is endorsed by CIMA which provides direct admission to the case study and strategic level examinations of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) for students to eventually qualify as chartered management accountants. Students who have completed MAC4864 will be exempted from MAC4868

First level​ Pre-requisite/recommendation
​Group A Module Names: All Compulsory (CIMA Candidates)
MAC4863 - Enterprise Strategy
MAC4865 - Financial Strategy
MAC4866 - Information Strategy
MAC4867 - Performance Strategy
MAC4868 - Strategic Case Studies ​Co-requisite: MAC4863, MAC4865, MAC4866 & MAC4867
​Group B: Compulsory: (ACCA Candidates). In addition students must also complete MAC4863, MAC4865, MAC4867 from Group A
AUI4862 - Advanced Internal Audit Responsibilities in Risk, Control and Governance
FAC4861 - Advanced Financial Accounting I

It is critical that you click here for more information from UNISA about any further modules (including electives) in the current or subsequent year/level if applicable and the rules governing this qualification.

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