Editorial Layout & Style

  • Language - The language used in The Future CFO Informing Business Career Decisions is professional, corporate and appropriate. Uses of vulgar, racist phrases and indecent language are NOT permitted. No Journalist, writer, commentator or contributor’s work will be published without a thorough check of language. In cases where a commentator and contributor’s language does not reflect The Future CFO’s style or Flair we reserve the right to improve or make changes to it. We also reserve the right not to publish literally works that do not reflect, emulate or represent The Future CFO and its brand correctly.
  • Views and Perceptions - No obscenity, inadequate/ narrow minded opinions and perceptions will be accepted. The Future CFO stands to promote an open mindedness in society. 
  • Themes - Themes and tones are subject to change with the content of the magazine on a variety of topics. This is due to the publications' wish to remain relevant and to reinvent itself timeously.
  • Content Time Span - The Future CFO aims to structure its content in a way that will ensure the content stays relevant for a longer period of time as this publication is a guide for professionals and aspiring professionals/leaders it is also a referral and educational material to our audiences.


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