About ACT & Qualifications

Introducing the new qualifications pathway

Each qualification has been mapped to the four treasury job levels of the competency framework; tactical, operational, managerial and strategic. The new structure means the ACT offers a progressive learning path for those choosing a career in treasury and qualifying with the ACT will ensure you have exactly the right skills and knowledge demanded by employers today.

New ACT qualifications
Qualification ​Membership status Designatory letters ​Competency framework level
Certificate in Treasury Fundamentals » ​eAffiliate  ​CertTF  ​Tactical
​Certificate in Treasury » ​Affiliate member ​CertT Operational
​Certificate in International Cash Management » ​Affiliate member ​CertICM Operational/Managerial
​Diploma in Treasury Management » ​Associate member ​AMCT  Managerial
MCT Advanced Diploma » ​Member ​MCT  Strategic

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