Interim CFO Services

Key Question for C-Suite Executives!

Do you need an experienced financially qualified business leader to assist with interim CFO services whilst finding your right candidate?

We have specific expertise in start-ups and what it takes to engineer and scale for growth. As your interim CFO, we become an integral part of your team working 3-4 hours a month or a day putting our expertise at your disposal. Entrepreneurs are often a group of product designers, engineers and marketers. Finance-related strategy, accounting and reporting, and other back-office tasks are forgotten but these are essential to stay funded and grow at speed. Why hire our interim CFO Services?

5 Good Reasons!
  1. Add experienced senior management to the team.
  2. Optimize cash management, install risk and process controls for rapid growth.
  3. Build credibility with the board & investors and increase success in raising capital.
  4. Ensure legal and standards compliance and increase the probability of successful exit.
  5. Help with finding a suitable candidate based on our firsthand knowledge of the role.
5 Key Functions!
  1. Leadership, structure, accountability and financial discipline.
  2. Oversight of contract administration, accounting, banking and treasury, investor relations, budgeting, forecasting & business development, etc.
  3. Strategic and tactical support for fund raising, analysis of new markets, and M & A activities.
  4. Develop and implement a financial/operational reporting package to support business needs.
  5. Retained search + mentorship of your current CFO plus finance team.

Contact us at should you need to discuss how we could help and obtain our detailed proposal including fees.

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