Corporate Turnaround Facilitation

Key Question for C-Suite Executives!

Do you seek to craft and implement a corporate turnaround strategy?

With the full support of our experienced, interdisciplinary team of consultants, our restructuring and turnaround services integrates the capacity to implement change by securing the vital short-term survival of your company with long-term viability initiatives.  We work with our clients and all stakeholders to reverse any decline and ensure the company emerges from the crisis stronger than before! 

Our 5-Step turnaround methodology!
  • Immediate due diligence to confirm the capacity and suitability for turnaround. 
  • Rapid execution of working capital management control measures.
  • A detailed root cause analysis and of turnaround plan with operational measures.
  • Turnaround negotiations and coordination of stakeholder groups (creditors, investors, suppliers and customers, employees, general public).
  • Implementation support by providing an experienced turnaround team and, if desired, a temporary turnaround manager.

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