Volunteer as External (Report) Examiner

If you are an academic or business educator with a Professional Qualification and/or Masters level qualification with over 5 years experience teaching and marking student assignments/dissertations at post graduate level, you are welcome to be part of the team that pioneers the business case study revolution in Africa. Why volunteer as an external marker/examiner? 

5 Good Reasons! 

  1. Hone your acumen for identifying top talents;
  2. Network and support world-class business education for Africans;
  3. Sharpen your thinking and broaden your own experience and interact with exceptional peers from other Academic Institutions;
  4. Build your profile as an external examiner/marker/assessor for The CFO brand; and
  5. Gain insights to state-of-the-art in case study methodology and transfer these skills to your institution.

External (Report) Examiners' Roles & Responsibilities

Each examiner will be assigned about 5 to 10 reports to mark and compile a SWOT feedback for each report using a model answer and template that will be availed. A second examiner will double check the quality of the marking much as you will be assigned to moderate the quality of marking performed by your peers (other examiners). All markers will get together to debate and agree on the top reports for further evaluation until the final 8 reports are selected and agreed upon by all examiners by consensus.

Examiners are expected to have expertise in the following:

  1. Strategy formulation and execution;
  2. Application of technical financial and business principles and models in solving problems;
  3. Identification / assessment of the main issues in the case;
  4. Distinguishing symptoms from underlying problems;
  5. Assessing the relevance and effectiveness of recommendations;
  6. Assessing the feasibility of implementation plans (planning, organisation, costs, etc.);
  7. Providing insightful verbal and written feedback.

To better discharge their role, External (Report) Examiners are expected to review their assigned case(s) in advance, and familiarise themselves with the competition rules and winning criteria.  

To express interest in participating as an External (Report) Examiner, please click here to register.

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