Competition Rules

All Aspirants, partners and associates of The CFO Case Study Competition and its related contests (The CFO Junior), are inter-alia bound by the spirit and rules covered in the following sections of The Competition Rules:

  • Section 1: About the competitions
  • Section 2: Participant, team eligibility and registration
  • Section 3: Communication
  • Section 4: Competition format & stages
  • Section 5: Penalties and non compliance
  • Section 6: Intellectual property
  • Section 7: Consent and release
  • Section 8: Disclaimers
  • Section 9: Official prize,  prize transfer or substitution
  • Section 10: Applicable laws and jurisdiction
  • Section 11: Adjudication and outcomes

By getting involved in any shape or form, you agree to be bound by the detailed rules downloadable in pdf version at: Competition Rules.

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