Why Enter as a School/University?

Case competitions are now the norm in Asia and the West; widely used by schools/universities  to asses the global competitiveness of their graduates.

5 Good Reasons to Enter!

  1. Compete against other top ranked schools/universities and benchmark your quality against the very best nationally/globally;
  2. Bring the national and international spotlight on the quality of your teaching and graduates; 
  3. Attract the finest students to enrol with and/or further their studies with your School/University;
  4. Position your brand as a leader in education and increase the likelihood of forming new and critical partnerships; and
  5. Challenge your students to function as a team of executives working on a  real world management scenario and showcasing their leadership skills;

The Competition Rules allow schools/universities to exercise the right to be represented by a selected team/s. To register your interest, please click here.

Watch videos of what previous judges, academics and 
industry leaders have to say:


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