Scholarship Terms & Conditions

The Scholarship/Financial Aid scheme will inter alia be subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. That you have received a formal scholarship award letter from our office which you have to accept in writing within 3 days; 
  2. That you will be required to attend & participate at a formal scholarship award ceremony on a date and time to be specified; 
  3. You may be required to grant interviews and take pictures for use in promoting the scholarship award for future applicants or the activities of the Institute prior to or at any time during your studies or after;
  4. You will join a scheme to contribute a minimum of 2% of your monthly gross pay to an established Education Scholarship Fund of  your choosing for the benefit of future deserving students once you become fully employed with an annual package of at least R350,000;
  5. Scholarship continuation or renewal will be subject to satisfactory academic attendance and performance, your conduct, our financial means and/or our ability to secure donor funding and therefore will be reviewed on a semester-by-semester or annual basis as deemed fit by the Academy;
  6. All scholarships are awarded on the basis that you will maintain a fulltime enrolment status with the Academy measured by your full enrolment and regular attendance for all core and mindset pillar modules on offer;
  7. The scholarship only covers regular first time payments such as 1st time attempt at your exams, course fees per module, etc. Late registration payments, penalties for late enrolment for your exams are not covered;
  8. Discontinuing, deferring or transferring a course will automatically lead to loss of the scholarship except on medical or family responsibility grounds for which prior written approval will be required. For the purpose of this provision, only serious illness or loss of a close family member will be accepted;
  9. If at any time during your studies, the Academy determines that you no longer meet the eligibility criteria or have breached any of the scholarship conditions, your scholarship may be suspended pending further investigation or terminated immediately;
  10. If you are in receipt of a donor-funded scholarship, you may be required to provide a report to the donor.  Other information relevant to your scholarship application or enrolment may also be passed on to the scholarship donor;
  11. Your scholarship details may be passed on to your secondary school, faculty, scholarship donor or any party with a bona fide interest as judged solely by the Academy;
  12. Any other terms and conditions that will be in force at the time or as updated on our website from time to time or as specifically written in the Scholarship/financial Aid offer letter.

2016 Scholarship Applications
Close:  15 February, 2016

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